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Developmental Learning Teacher

Chía, Cundinamarca
Work Type: Full Time
The teacher of Developmental Learning will teach from kindergarten to 3rd. The Special Education Teacher provides support to those students who have special educational needs; who require counseling in the learning process to enhance their abilities and skills, providing individualized attention in order to optimize their learning in the classroom, creating a program or work plan according to the needs of each one. 

- Training in Special Education and/or Bilingual Teachers with experience as Group Directors in inclusive schools.
- Knowledge and management of inclusion students.
- Minimum 3 years experience with inclusion cases.
- B2 level of english at least.
- Experience in the design of curricular adaptations. 
- Experience in elaboration of PIAR according to needs.
- Ability to provide different learning experiences, taking into account the learning style of students.
- Ability to guide and accompany the development of student activities, outside and inside the classroom, if required.
- Ability to offer different options to students for task resolution

- Six months or a school year contract.

- Great work environment with teacher autonomy.
- Lots of professional development opportunities.

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