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Teacher of Mathematics in 8th-11th

Chía, Cundinamarca
Work Type: Full Time

There job includes the following:

  1. Teacher of Mathematics in 8th A & 8th D, which includes 2 groups of students of maximum 23 students per class for a total of 8 sessions per week. The candidate is required to be a native or native-like English speaker. 
  2. Teacher of Mathematics in 9th, 10th, and 11th. Our High School courses are semester-based so every semester the teacher has 3 groups of students, one in each grade level. 9th focuses in Algebra 2 and Geometry, 10th in Statistics-Probability and Trigonometry, and 11th in Precalculus and Differential Calculus. The candidate is required to be fluent in English. 

The position requires mathematics university studies (engineering, math, physics majors), preferably with a master’s degree in education, a background check, at least 3 years of school teaching experience, English fluency skills, and competency-based education experience. 

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